Nigerian Refugees Give Birth To 45 Babies Monthly

Nigerian Refugees Give Birth To 45 Babies Monthly

The UNHCR reports that since January this year, more than 11,500 Nigerians have arrived in the camp. The government of Cameroon says it has counted more than 74,000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon and a majority are women and children. About 1,000 have so far received birth certificates.
UNHCR’s associate reporting officer Djerassem Mbaiorem, said the birth registration does not confer Cameroonian nationality upon the refugee children. But, he said, by establishing a legal record on where a refugee was born and who their parents are, the kids can claim their Nigerian nationality when they become adults.

“We will continue to educate and assist them in what their children become in the future. They will go to their country, the government of Nigerian will take care of them but firstly here in Cameroon. We take care of them, we give them birth certificates and we assist them.” UNHCR’s Bawoing Mahamat, who has also been encouraging mothers to register their children at birth, said when the situation in Nigeria stabilises and the refugees agree to return, they will organise a meeting with the Nigerian government to make sure the children are not discriminated against because they were born out of their country. He said a tripartite meeting of Cameroon, Nigeria and the UNHCR will be convened to examine birth certificates delivered to Nigerian children when calm returns to their country and they agree to return.

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