Acha Massacre: Inhumanity To Mankind, Child Survived Brain Surgery

Acha Massacre: Inhumanity To Mankind, Child Survived Brain Surgery


Peace is gradually returning to Acha community but is still fragile,when SABI-SABI.COM visited the area.

Narrating the sad incident,  one of the victim who survived the attack, Emmanuel Ishaya said “They killed my brother and wife and kept their sleeping child (8 months old) on their corpses.

“I quickly picked him and ran into the bush because I knew if he woke up and cried, they might come back for us because they might have left him for dead.

“They used machetes to butcher them and their two other children while sleeping in the same room.”

Emmanuel’s mother, Mrs. Lami Ishaya was also killed in a room, adjacent that of Emmanuel after the attackers broke down their door by kicking it.


In another house, the attackers slew three kids and a 16year old SS1 student of a government secondary school in the area.

The student was shot in his room where he was sleeping along with his brother when the attackers came and kicked the door open.

His brother who was still nervous and speechless when SABI-SABI.COM visited the community, said he escaped by climbing the roof and hanging upon the rafters.

When they entered, he said they shot his brother who was moving helplessly in the room, with no escape route as the room had no window.

Parents of the other three slain kids, Mr. and Mrs. Barry John were sleeping in a room few foots away from their kid’s which shares walls with that of the slain SS1 student.

They told SABI-SABI.COM that they heard gunshots and voices of their dying kids being hacked down but were helpless.

Mrs. John said her husband wanted to go to their rescue but she disallowed him persuading him to go out through the window.

He left the room minutes before the attackers gained access after killing the kids and wounding three others in the compound, including an aged woman.

“When they were done, they sang songs of victory before moving to the next compound,” Mrs. John said.

“They were singing in Fulani language and I couldn’t pick the words but I believe they were celebrating because they sounded happy as they sang and fired shots in the air,” she recalled.

Mr. John’s family in all lost over 10 members in different houses in the same pattern of attacks, it was learnt.

Those killed in the village totalled 21 according to statistics collected by SABI-SABI.COM going on a house-to-house data collection when it arrived the village few minutes after the mass burial of the victims but Police say the corpses were 19.

The figure does not include an attack on two young men near GSS Miango, some kilometers away from Ancha.

They were reported to have been shot on a bike by gunmen believed to be the same Ancha attackers when they (youths) ran into them on their way out of the village.

One of the affected died on the spot while the other was still missing as at the time of filing this report.

SABI-SABI.COM gathered that the attackers are believed to have fled towards the Rukuba barracks in Miango through a military checkpoint near the scene of the attack on bike.

The community said no security intervention was however accessed until the arrival of police from Jos hours after the attackers had fled.

Meanwhile, two children who survived gun shoot in Ncha after the mayhem with one of the children’s skull completely outside yet was still breathing had a successful brain surgery after several hours battle by doctors to safe his life at the Bingham Teaching Hospital Jos while the second who broke his legs are both responding well to treatment.



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