Educationalist Advocates For Introduction Of Anti-corruption Club In Schools

Educationalist Advocates For Introduction Of Anti-corruption Club In Schools

A renown Educationist ,the  National President, Association of Christian Schools in  Nigeria (ASCN) Dr. EKaete Ettang, has advocated for the  introduction of an anti-corruption club in public and privates schools  to help tackle corruption amongst  children.

The body also said its committed to inculcating Christian education ,a biblical worldview and positive values into the lives of children in through their tender ages, up to  maturity ,to make them future servant leaders and change agents .

Speaking at the National Leadership Training retreat for members of  the association in Jos with the theme,”speaking with one voice” ,held on Monday.

Dr Ettang stated that,”We  devote ourselves working to  produce leaders and citizens with godly mind and values who can not truncate the teaching of God but to serve others.

According to her, we inculcate the spirit of  patriotism, servant hood ,integrity and humility so that our stewardship here on earth will receive God approval .

Dr Ettang restated that the character education which has been a national movement in many advanced nations  involves teaching children basic human values including honesty ,kindness .

She urged Christian to  realize that unity of one  purpose and commitment are necessary for achieving the right Christian education which is foundational for prosperity and successful future.

Ekaete Ettang called on federal and state government to  develop curriculum for education that is above human common sense, based on revelation and  knowledge of God by  integrating  them into appropriate systems for teaching and training of our children for them to make righteous and  moral judgments to guide their actions and conducts .

She reminded Christian to  watch diligently, and pray effectually while discerning and pursing those kingdom actions that create positive change in our contexts and generation.

Dr Ekaete Ettang cautions that, we will continue to take righteous positions and seek spiritual authority, through godly obedience, so that God will identify who and what we all  need to be dealt with so as to  create momentum that provokes resources and capacity necessary for positive change.

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