Atiku Abubakar Is A Political  Traitors To APC – Pasali 

Atiku Abubakar Is A Political  Traitors To APC – Pasali 

The National Coordinator of President Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Organization for reelection 2019, Hon. Danladi Pasali has said ,the former Vice president Atiku Abubakar has been a political traitors to all his political associate including Former President Musa Yar’a dua .

Hon Pasali made this disclosure at his Jos resident of Jos Local Government Area of Plateau state .

According to him , at one time he sponsored somebody to contest under the platform of Labour party in Adamawa state ,this is somebody who just left custom and contested for Governorship and he lost the race to Hon Bala Takaya then maneuver himself to become the candidate of PDP in 1999.

He stressed that when you go through the records of Atiku Abubakar he has never been a politician as he retired  from custom and then started political activities he only use the name of late Shehu Yar’adua to maneuver his way to gain control votes and become the impose candidate of PDP whereby he was defeated by Bala Takaya during the NRC,SDP era .

We don’t engage someone like Atiku Abubakar who political records show clearly that he is a liability and political prostitute that is moving from one party to another .

So you see he has used all ways of maneuvering tactic for him to get there ,he  never contested and win election within the system ,Pasali says.

He explained further that instance of Atiku Abubakar to remain as the committed to the service as a  Governor of Adamawa state to his people he swingle and left to become the vice president .

Danladi Pasali reminded that the recent documents released by the former President Olusungo Obasanjo indicted the personality of who Atiku Abubakar is ,when he become political obstacles to close associate for his too much ambition.

He maintained that every politician who is down to earth know that Atiku Abubakar has never won election in his history both at local government ,state and federal level down to senate so to us he never post any threat to us in APC .

Alh Pasali revealed that during the last primaries of APC in Lagos ,Atiku Abubakar came 3rd position and Kwankwaso was the the second person so he is not an issue to discuss in politics.

However, he noted Atiku becoming the vice president or President didn’t give opportunity to a strong politician just that he was an opportunist were he betray the followers of Yar’adua die hard ,Anglo Abdullahi, Titi Ajanaku ,and others so he has never been a politician to be recognized with.

We have written Atiku Abubakar off the way because when he decamped back to PDP many people have left to APC ,we will see whether they will give him the 2019 ticket .

He condemned where Atiku always claim to be speaking on behalf of the youth he never care about to defect to all the political parties as political back stabber .

We are not intimidated with the defection of the Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar rather he was a liability to the All Progressive Congress ,(APC).


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