Former Green Eagles Player Now Train Driver In London

Former Green Eagles Player Now Train Driver In London

Former Nigerian Green Eagles (now Super Eagles) player, Tunji Banjo, has taken up a job as a train driver.

After his retirement from professional football, the Nigerian-Irish citizen investing in luxury hotels and living luxury lives took up job driving at 58 years old, but seen as way beneath his former status.

The international star who made his debut in July 1982 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Tunisia was a second-half division player for Leyton Orient before joining AEL Limassol in Cyprus, revealed to pressmen that he was once a bus driver.

Banjo said he also worked as a dustman for his former club, Orient, and did cleaning at a Cricket ground.

In a chat with Daily Mail, Banjo said, “The earliest start is 5 am in Northampton which means I leave home at three.

“I’ve been a footballer so I know the difference between that and proper work!”

According the report, retired player isn’t driving a train to earn a living because he had the luxury of earning big. It was also revealed that Banjo had a weekly wage of about £100, since he played at the second division side.

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