Preacher  Claims Mo Salah’s Injury Is God’s Punishment For Breaking Ramadan Fast

Preacher  Claims Mo Salah’s Injury Is God’s Punishment For Breaking Ramadan Fast

A Kuwaiti preacher Mubarak al-Bathali has claimed in a tweet that Liverpool football star and Egyptian forward, Mo Salah’s injuring during the Champions League final was ‘God’s punishment because he broke his Ramadan fast for the match during the holy month.

Mo Salah injured his shoulder in a tussle with Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos about 31 minutes into the game, which the Reds went on to lose 3-1.

The preacher claimed that Salah intended to break his fast for the match, not because he was travelling from Britain to Ukraine, and his intention was what mattered.

Liverpool physiotherapist Ruben Pons earlier confirmed Salah would break his fast for the match after discussions with a nutritionist.

He said though Muslims were allowed to stop fasting for travel, eating so he could play in the final was ‘not a legitimate excuse’ and Salah had sinned.

Al-Bathali said Salah was given bad advice and ‘unfortunately, he will bear the burden’ for it.

Salah’s injury put him in doubt for the World Cup in Russia beginning June 14, which the preacher said would remind him happens by God’s will.

‘Do not think the Muslim believes that life is managed by reason and effort, but life is the hand of God comes to whom he will, whether hard or not diligent,’ he said.

However, Al-Bathali said Salah was a ‘virtuous, good and respected man’ who was an ambassador for Muslims and was helping improve their image in the West.

He praised him for continuing to observe other Muslim requirements, like walking away from his teammates when they drank alcohol.

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