Judge Revokes Death Penalty Of 19-year-old Sudanese

Judge Revokes Death Penalty Of 19-year-old Sudanese

Noura Hussein, the 19-year-old Sudanene that was sentenced to death for killing her husband has been pardoned by a court.

Few months ago that Noura was sentenced to death after she stabbed her husband who raped her.

CNN has reported that the lady will instead serve a 5-year jail term and her family would pay 337,000 Sudanese pounds ($18,700) to her late husband, a Muslim practice called “blood money”.

The lawyers of the girl have said that they will appeal the jail term and fine.

Sabi-Sabi gathered that the 19-year-old Noura was forced into marriage at the age of 15.

As a teenager she ran away from her forced marital home and was, however, tricked three years later to return home. Noura was then handed over to her husband’s family.

She then ran back to her parents, telling them that she doesn’t want the marriage but they handed her to her in-laws.

Noura had refused to consummate the marriage after she was taken to her husband, so he raped her with the help of some relatives who held her down.

He had attempted the action the next day, when she stabbed him to death.

The court had sentenced her to death for murder but several people all over the world including Naomi Campbell, protested the death sentencing and the death penalty has been withdrawn.

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