Bauchi Metropolis Holds Prayers As Days Pass Without Rainfall

Bauchi Metropolis Holds Prayers As Days Pass Without Rainfall

Hundreds of people in Bauchi metropolis trooped to the Mosque ‎to hold prayer for rainfall as the town witnessed a dry spell for days resulting in some crops drying.

The prayer which was announced earlier Friday was held Saturday‎ at the Gwallag Jumu’at Mosque in the metropolis.

The Chief Imam of Gwallaga Jumu’at Mosque, Ustaz Ibrahim Idris in his sermon, enjoined Muslims to repent and pray to Allah to bring forth blissful rain as it has ceased for days.

He warned people against committing major and minor sins which he said attract Allah’s wrath in many ‎forms including the cessation of rains.

He also said that people should try amend ‎and improve their relationship with their creator as well as between them and others.

“If you have offended anybody, took his wealth, backbite him‎ or holding grudges against anybody try to amend. In case of wealth or properties one must return them to their owners and ask forgiveness from Allah and anybody whom he has offended.

“We must also try and feed the poor, the needy and orphans among us in order to attract Allah’s blessings. Everybody knows better his relationship with Allah and his servants whether he is doing ‎good or not. What is needed if for us to repent so that the rains will come,”he said.

He added that the prayer will also be held the next day if there is no rain until the rains falls‎.

Ustaz Idris said that the Prayer is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which is performed whenever there is drought or a dry spell‎ which destroys crops or caused scarcity of drinking water.

Bauchi metropolis had been without rains for some days‎ which prompted holding of the prayers.

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