Skeletons Romeo and Juliet Found Buried Side-By-Sid

Skeletons Romeo and Juliet Found Buried Side-By-Sid

Prehistoric lovers, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ skeletons belief to be around 5,000 years has been found and unearthed in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan buried close to the tomb of two horses pulling a Bronze Age ‘chariot’ into the afterlife.

‘Romeo and Juliet’, lie on their sides close to each other, the man armed with a quiver of arrows and a metal dagger, while she was wearing jewellery including green bracelets made of semiprecious stones.

The nearby likeness of a chariot pulled by the two harnessed horses – believed to have been sacrificed for the burial – was also the grave of another similar couple, say archaeologists.

Archeologist Dr Igor Kukushkin – in charge of the excavation – said there are unanswered questions about whether the Romeo and Juliet couples were together in their life times, in which case it was likely one made the ultimate sacrifice took their own life or was killed to be buried with the other.

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