Beverly Osu Reacted After Nigerians Blasted Her For Smoking Wearing A Nun Outfit

Beverly Osu has replied to critics of her recent pictures where she posed as a nun.

In some of the pictures, she wore a nun outfit and held a cigarette in her hand.


According to her, the church has not established smoking as a sin and advises critics to focus on other important issues.

Here’s her full reaction: “I am a born and practicing catholic so I know and take your faith seriously. People should rather worry and pray for the hundred of thousands of innocent victims that are raped and abused by priests all over the world particularly over 1000 victims rapped by over 300 prist in Pennsylvania than worry over a hamrless picture that is a mere work of art.”

“In any case reverend sisters and fathers smoke in real life which has not been established as sin to my knowledge.”

“Dear Nigerisna I don’t do what I do for your applause.. If this images came out from a movie, will it be ok?”

“It’s funny how you all just sinned because of a beautiful artistic picture: lol I laugh in Hebrew. MATTHEW 7:1-5.

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