Will Otedola Contest For Lagos State Governorship Election?

Twitter had it twisted as Nigerians reacts after reports emerged today that Billionaire Businessman, Femi Otedola is likely to run for the Lagos State governorship election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party.
@Dhejjo “Still one way bro, we all know APC had deep rooted hands in Lagos politics, and Fashola regime was still a good campaign story for them.”
@Suleiman1529 “This is a welcome twist to the 2019 gubernatorial election in Lagos state. More interesting candidates for the position of the governorship seat will surely emerge.”
@JoeAkogun “With Ambode, Lagos is intact, No tens of Otedola can do anything. Lagosians don’t even know him whenever he uses public transit, that was his pain. He’s only coming to get famous.”
@Shallomttheo “PDP should go for Ambode and not Otedola. It will be smart to have an incumbent governor challenge Tinubu’s candidate.”
@Kelvin_Odanz “With Tinubu and Ambode going for each other’s throat, Otedola as PDP’s gubernatorial candidate in Lagos will be a sweet move. Popular name, deep pocket, a thirst for something different from Lagosians. I love this game!
@McShaffy “Now Lagos is becoming a lot more interesting. Finally people have enough balls to challenge Tinubu..I think Ambode still has the upper hand.. Even as Otedola throws his heart into the race.”
@Islimfit “If Femi Otedola actually got a ticket to contest for the Lagos State governorship position come 2019, I see him winning ahead of any other candidate.”
@Rouvafe “Tinubu may be the master strategist, but him of all people should know better than to underestimate Ambode’s power of incumbency.
“Also If rumours of Otedola joining the Lagos State gubernatorial race under PDP is true, then Lagos may just be about to witness the end of an era.”
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