Things You Need To Know About The Nollywood Star Rukky Sanda

Rukky Sanda
Nollywood actress, Rukayat Akinsanya popularly known as  Rukky Sanda, , says handbags are her fashion weakness and purchasing them can lead to bankruptcy.
My name is Rukkyyat Akinsanya. I just like to be comfortable.
I love handbags and I want to stop buying them because they are bankrupting. I have lost count of the numbers of bags I have in my closet.
I cannot go out  without my  sunglasses. I visit the gym once in a while and I stay happy always.
It’s very important to pray a lot; just believe in yourself, have amazing people around you, stay focused and keep pushing. Just keep a positive mind and be optimistic generally.
I think when you worry about your situation, after all, it is not a remedy; so the remedy is just to stay positive and pray.
I only like to cook for people. I don’t like cooking to eat. And I have my own cooking book, so I like to experiment.

I love anything related to arts so I do interior designing. I produce movies, write and I direct. I also edit. I also edit all my movies. I think I just like being involved in everything

I love the interior job. I like transforming beautiful rooms into something wholesome.

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