Police Arrests Man Who Raped His Daughter For Ritual

Police Arrests Man Who Raped His Daughter For Ritual

Police in Ekiti State have apprehended a man  named Rufus Kehinde Daramola who was accused of using his daughter for money ritual after making attempts to rape her.

Daramola who had been on the run since after he was summoned by traditional rulers over the accusation, was arrested yesterday with the help of Oba justice Ademola Ajakaye, the Oluyin of Iyin Ekiti following the death of the 18-year-old daughter identified as Taiwo, after suffering from an undisclosed sickness since January.

It was earlier reported that the man made attempts to sleep with his daughter three times but failed but according to a relative, Omolayo Sussan Omowumi, the man allegedly slept with his daughter.

It was gathered that after the suspect was nabbed, a Muslim cleric told everyone at the palace of the Oluyin that the daughter reportedly confessed to him before her death that her father slept with her but was afraid of telling her mum for the fear of being killed as threatened by her father.

The Muslim cleric also told people at the palace that if the man is left to complete his ritual and his money finally arrives, that his children will continue to die whether they are up to 100 in number.

Mr Daramola who earlier denied being the father of the girl said he never meant to commit the act. He was handed over to the police, right there in the palace yesterday.

The man was also accused of attempt to rap at least 3 of his wife’s younger sisters while the wife was with their daughter at the hospital.

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